7 January 2013


Date : 5/12/2012

As a part of AATCC activity, we arranged a trip to 9TH India International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITME) which was conducted from 2nd to 7th December 2012 at Bombay convention and exhibition centre, Mumbai. It is the largest and most prestigious textile engineering exhibition in India and also one of the renowned exhibitions in the world showcasing textile technology. This is the only exhibition in India with a live demo of machinery attracting 810 exhibitors and over one lakhs visitors from 42 countries across the globe. There were various segments such as spinning, weaving, processing garment technology, textile chemicals and dyes, automation, accessories and components making a complete sector specific event. We had a chance to listen, learn and interact with world’s renowned speakers who shared their knowledge with us through seminars at TEXSUMMIT – ITME which was organized by the Institute Of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. We had an introspective view of all the stalls and made ourselves clear by firing questions.


Coordinator : Kushagradhi Debnath
Date : 4/12/2012

As a part of AATCC Activity,  a blood donation camp on November 2012 was organised. The bloodline charitable blood bank, Thane conducted the blood donation camp. Dr. Amit ,representative of blood bank gave a brief speech emphasizing the importance of blood donation and made the donors present there comfortable by clearing all their queries regarding blood donation. Number of persons who attended the blood donation camp was 60 comprising of DYSTAR employees, TEXANLAB employees and AADTT students.


Coordinator : Murlidhar Pathak


# Hurricane Sandy Struck US, Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba 

# Uttarakhand Named best Performing States in terms of Environmental standards.

Presenter : Ravneet Kaur & Meraj Fatima
Date : 28/11/2012

Ravneet Kaur had explained the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy in US, Jamaica.
 Meraj Fatima had given the news about Uttarakhand named best performing states in terms of environmental standards.


Organizer: Kushagradhi Debnath
                              AATCC Test Method : 15-2009

Presenter : Hariom Singal
Date: 31/10/2012

Through this presentation, he had explained the importance of colour fastness to perspiration. He had also told the principle, equipments needed for fastness measurement and working procedure for carrying out the test. He had also shown the preparation of perspiration reagent.

                       FLAME RETARDANT TEST METHOD
Presenter : Shyam Sundar Sharma
Date : 5/11/2012

In this presentation, the importance and technology of FR textiles for public safety were explained. He had also demonstrated the fire terminologies. He had also shown the evaluation parameters for FR textiles.