8 January 2012


Ignite, a global event, wherein participants are required to speak for five minutes about their ideas, personal or professional passions, supported by 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, and slides are automatically advanced. The presentations are meant to "ignite" the audience on random subject that may be their personal or professional passion or generate awareness to stimulate thoughts and actions on the subjects presented. Furthermore Ignite is a high energy and gut-to-get-onstage driven event, generally organized by local volunteers. It is a force for raising the collective IQ and building connections in each city. The rationale for including this event in AATCC Students Chapter (AADTT-2011), is to hone the communication skills of each of its members.

The Detailed Structure of the Program has been provided below:

Date: 17, October, 2011                                                                                           

       The first Ignite AADTT presentation was given by the event coordinator, Miss Reshma Ramakrishnan on the topic GIVING GIANTS COLD. It was the success story of Mr.C.K.Ranganathan who launched the Chik shampoo, Fairever cream, and many other products giving tough competition to HUL,India. The presentation emphasized on his ideas and efforts to be an entrepreneur, making the HUL sneeze many a times. Insights leading to innovation, developing good relationship with suppliers, out-of-box strategy, prototyping and constant entrepreneurship were the main points highlighted.
 Date: 21 November, 2011

The first batch of Ignite AADTT flared up with topics ranging from Army to Indian cities.

(From Left: Rajbir Kaur, V.Velayutham, Adil Mallick, Sameer Yadav & Amit Kumar)
  Miss Rajbir Kaur presented on the topic AMRITSAR”. She took us on a tour of the holy city of Amritsar with its Golden Temple, Gurudwara Baba AtalRai, and JalianwalaBhaag. It was interesting to know about the role of Amritsar in Operation Blue Star.

          Mr. V. Velayutham gave a delicious presentation with his topic of HEALTH IS WEALTH”. He described the main dishes of South India. The master chef taught us how to prepare breakfast comprising of Idli, Sambhar and Dosa followed by lunch comprising of Rice and Vendakasambhar.  He had a mouth watering audience to clap for him.

        Mr. Adil Alaman Mallick hooked us on with the topic of HACKING”. He described the difference between Hacking, Cracking and Phreaking. He went on to describe the purpose of hackers, different types of attacks done by hackers and how one can learn hacking. He really glued us on, when he said anyone can be a hacker but then the audience realized it takes a lot of knowledge and time to become a good hacker.

         Mr. Sameer Yadav gave presentation on his favorite topic INDIAN ARMY.  He gave us the perks of joining army and status of being an army man. He talked about its work culture and opportunities for women in army.  He delineated on the importance of having physical abilities and qualities of social adaptability to join army.

          Mr. Amit Kumar Sharma gave a motivational presentation on NEVER GIVE UP”. He gave inspirational examples of Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong and Nelson Mandela who had matched the odds in life to attain success.  He pointed out that one should persist to prove themselves and ‘never never never give up!’

Date: 28 November, 2011

               Mr. Yatin Sharma presented on the topic HOW TO DO GOOD BUSINESS which is relevant to all students who wants to be future entrepreneurs. He pointed out that a good businessman should have the ‘BIG’ idea, accept failures, respect others and know how to save money. He stressed on being passionate about life, though he did raise eyebrows when he spoke about being ethical in doing unethical things.

             Mr. Sahil Sharma made us feel proud about our soldiers when he gave presentation on “PARAM VIR CHAKRA”. He described about the award and the heroes who had been awarded.  The critics on the presentation style were that the font size was too small and slide reading was done.

              Mr. Amit Sengupta took us on a tour of “CITY OF JOY – KOLKATA”. Kolkata is famous for Victoria Memorial, Vidyasagar Setu, Science City, Digha beach, Geological Garden, Veloor Matt and many other touristic places. Apart from its sweets like Jalebis, Mishit dois, Saundesh, Bengal is also known for its unique dressing style for both men and women. Undoubtedly, majority audience would have added Kolkata to their list of places to visit!

             Miss Akshita Bajpai got the audience engaged when the screen flashed the topic “SECRETS”. She let out the secrets of health, beauty and personality which the audience surely loved to hear.  She gave several health benefits of drinking green tea instead of conventional tea, warm water instead of cold water, having the right BMI, and using natural products for having healthy skin and hair. In the personality aspect, she explained the importance of having the right body language and positive attitude in life.


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  2. a very good initiative which we all thoroughly enjoyed and got to learn a few things at the same time.............