7 January 2013



Presenter : Ranjit Bera
Coordinator : Kushagradhi Debnath
Date : 20/10/2012

Ranjit Bera  had given the recipe for preparing Payesh.
He had explained very well how to prepare “Payesh” with taste.


Presenter : Hariom Singal
Date: 24/12/2012

He had presented the recipe for preparation of Gujarati fast-food Dhokla.
He had also given the names of various types of Dhokla



Presenter: Ritesh Ratan
Date : 31/12/2012

Do we really know what we are eating?? Are we aware what benefits we are getting from our day to day used spices and salt?? Yes, you are right none of us ever bothered about such minute details. But ask those who attended this presentation by Ritesh Ratan threw light on the relevance of all the daily spices and ingredients used in our everyday cuisines.

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